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Ddp-621 Head Clogging

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I have a consistent problem of  one of my dDP-621s head clogging and leaving lines on the prints in the direction of the printhead movement. Is there some way to actually clean the head, or can I adjust the head so it is farther away from the paper.  It is a new roll of 12" paper, but it does it with any size roll.  I've done head cleanings and power head cleanings but the problem still persists.  I have another unit that doesn't give me any problems, so I know its not a humidity problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

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The capping unit that moves up onto the head when cleaning needs to be a good fit and positioned correctly as these units suck the ink through the nozzles  You can check the condition of the lip by checking the mark round the face of the head. Its a bit awkward to describe but you are looking for a kiss mark on the head that does not go off the face of the head, if the seal is not good no suck = blocked nozzles  You can try soaking a ben cot cleaning wipe in water and putting it on top of the capping unit, wind it up into contact with the head and leaving for a while to soften the ink in the nozzles, all with the machine off. this may help clear the head but not recommended  Constant power cleans will spoil the meniscus properties of the head, not a good result as it relies on this to stop the head from dripping.

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