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Dks 1550 Not Heating Chemicals

Guest quick_film

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Guest quick_film

Hi friends,

 My DKS 1550 did not start heating the dev chemicals  (all dev + bleach + stab shows 18  deegres  Celcious) this morning while the Heating tab is green and the Chemical state shows "heating".

On Saturday  it was working fine . 

I took the filters out  to see if they were blocked, i changed the Hard disk also with another one with the original instalation  to exclude any possible software error ...still nothing...

 I  am looking in the Service Manual now ,but any help  would be nice... :)

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Guest quick_film

Hi, what is a your email address i will send you a service manual 


thanks for the replies , I already have a Service Manual (the one i uploaded ...http://www.minilabhelp.com/yourforum/index.php?/topic/22188-dks-1500-service-manual/ ).

If you do have something newer or better  my mail is      quick_film@yahoo.gr


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Guest quick_film

 The problem was in the level sensors  as  pskaro  said.

A lot of chemicals deposits  in the level sensors  of 3 tanks was causing  "shorting"  . I had to take them out and clean very well the sensors and the plastic housing ,where they fit.

Now it works fine. 

Thanks a LOT for the help... :)

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