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Sp3000 Scanner - Higher Dpi


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Hi everyone,

I just bought the Fuji SP3000 scanner and wanted to know if there is a way to scan films higher than 72 DPI?


Also, If you choose to burn the photos you can choose between 4base and 16base. Is there a way to change from 4base to 16base when you choose the "Free Export" saving method?



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The scanner will not be scanning at 72dpi!

The issue is the scanned file is not given an information tag giving programs like Photoshop the scanned resolution information.
So in Photoshop it will always display the default 72dpi but the width and height will be very large.

In Photoshop open the scanned image, go to image, image size, untick the box that says Resample image, now under document size type in the size of the image you have scanned (something like 25mm x 36mm for a standard 35mm film) and the dpi will now show what the true scanned resolution is.

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Good mornimg friends,

I have an ecanner sp3000 frontier all is alrigth but cannot sep up to image quality and high quality, how can I resolve this or what is wrong?

In sep up and maintenence not appears the 03 Scanner Adjustment and 0324 Image Scanning Condition Metod. 

Thank you a lot.

Best regards.

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