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3101 Scanner Error


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Every morning to do the "Daily Setup", QSS3101 throws us the following error:


# 6310-0074 "Scanner area registration error"


In "service mode" we reviewed the:


"check output / Input Section / scanner section" and when we did click on "yes/execute" we obtained the following results:


Zoom Motor 1: light -> dark
Zoom Motor 2: light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds)
Focus Motor:   light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds)
Iris Sensor:      light -> dark -> light ( "dark" only lasts a couple of seconds)

The thermosensor Scanner indicates a temperature of 32.5 º C


We have cleaned the lamp housing and auto negative carrier without success.


When we put a negative in the negative carrier, this goes completely without problems, but on the monitor we only see gray boxes.


What can we do?

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