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Newbbie. About Pricing Large Photos


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I'm a photoshop owner with a chemical minilab and I'm planning to

buy a Canon plotter (ipf6300) to open my business to other things

than making prints to my customers.


When customers ask me for large prints I use to take it to another

lab. As I see that ink quality is really great I'm thinking about buying

that plotter to make the prints myself, get more profits and open

my business to other thing like canvas...etc.


My questions is about price; in terms of cost, it seems like ink prints

are more expensive than chemical large prints, but I've read several

analysis about the cost per print of my future plotter and I think that

ink prints are over-priced in most places.


Anyone can tell me why?


A print in 24''x30'' with Canon Glossy Photographic Paper 240gsm has

an average cost of 4€ or 5€ (ink cost+media cost)


In most places a 20''x28'' print made with photographic paper and chemical is 11€.

The same print in a plotter with photographic quality is charged 20€ or more (this is

6 or 7 times the cost).


When I buy my plotter I want to be sure that if I put an affordable price I won't

be losing money. I don't want to rise price too much.







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