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Strange "algae" In Tanks


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Ok so we have a Frontier LP5700 and Lately theres this odd black powder that infects PS1 and then slowly works down the line untill all the luquids are black. Tried draining scrubbing several times, work a little but it keeps coming back, some people say it's Algae and the solution is to keep draining and cleaning, but I to me I just couldn't see how Algae could survive in the water inside,also I don't see how doing the same thing over and over again would fix the issue, So I tried googling and somehow I came here. Any Ideas on either a solution to or at least cause of this strange problem, oh and filters were just changed two weeks ago and are already stained black in the earlier PS tanks, it gets better as you go down, unless you do nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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The Psr rinse system in Frontiers is prone to bioslime growth.  This is just like it sounds, slimey yuchy snot like growth in the wash tanks, usually 2 and 3 being the worst.  What you have may be more of a sodium sulfide issue , which is a byproduct of bleach-fix carry over into the wash.  http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/cis167/cis167.pdf  This is a Kodak tech document on the issue and how to clean it.  Simply put, you bleach the rack and rollers with chlorine bleach, then after thorough washing soak them in fixer to remove the buildup.  The Ps1 and Ps2 racks are usually the only ones that need this treatment in my experience.

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