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1510, Image A Litlle Rotate

sergio 360

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hello users of dks 1510.

when i do pictures with white border, the frames are a little rotate. i did centering check, exposure plan check, offsetes check, and still the same.i also did 1 photo with offset lcd at 0, one at +25, another at -25 and the last at 0 again. they came all the same. Ok, i could live with that but it still very anoying to have to improve the white borders with the external cutter. does anyone have a tip ?


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I have cleaned it and it hapens even without white borders. because i have another machine for spare parts, i changed my working machine for two paperbox at the same time and it happen with both.só it is not paper box.i have made centering and all the ajustements. when i go to the offsets, the optique ajustement is fine but the Lcd is always a little rotate. then i ajust it ( 5 or 6 point less),i see that its ok, i clic OK, and then a start again to check and it keeps coming to the same position ( litle rotation ). Thanks for ask Studio01.

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You should check LCD sensor Zero Position and adjust sensor position if it is offset too much (if value is in RED zone) for LCD sensor using MonTestdks2.exe which you can find in C:\DKS\Constantes\Tools\Diag_Impag\


If the position is not stable it could be also the problem with the LCD motor belt tension ;)

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hello dear collegues,

I tryed to load backup files, to reeistal the aplication and nothing. I think that im going to give up to try. the photos without white borders are not that bad,( it is just a little rotation), and the ones with i will cut them.

I just want to hang on this year and then, probably, i stop developing.it is not interesting anymore.

Anyway,if someone have a idea, i will be pleased to try, i am just not deseperate.



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For ghosting hard disk  is very nice and simple program like "  O & O Diskimage "   You do with it the backup with working software do another harddrive and when problem occurs with the software you just change the harddrive with 10 minits and it-s working again.


try change the sensor position manually.  0.5 mm right or left and see if that helps...

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hello guys, i hasn ´t said anything yet because i have been doing some work in those conditions, i am litle bored to play the mechanician for a while.

I think i need to " ghost ", waiting for inspirition now.

yes it is admin. mode, thank you for trying to help.

What do you think about rotate manually the sensor, as suggested by " matteus post ", is it possible ? i dont think só and i never saw that in thecnical books...

Can it be something wrong between NORM and ZERO lcd position ?

The belt of lcd motor looks ok , and on Montestdks.exe the values for lcd sensor are green.

Thanks again to all, have a great Easter

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LCD zero sensor should be on the max right position. it CANT'T BE "0,5mm to the left". check if it's OK either do it. then check the zero if it is stable then lock lock the screws with nail varnish :) after that try to set up offsets again.

Note that id does not have to be LCD, If you have double track not precisely adjusted the paper could come out little bit skewed :)

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same  issue for me , i think


replacing lcd unit the image is about  3mm rotated  .


centering adjusments  or  changing  ACCEL_BLOC_LCD  values in optics.ini  didnt changed anything, seems the the image is locked in that bad position.


comparing lcd units , the sequencer pcb looks different from the one i  replaced


could that be the cause ?

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mean whatever i do that freakin bad rotation comes over.


before adjusting zero position sensor i need to be sure there are no particular settings when replacing a lcd unit whose sequencer pcb is different


thank you

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No - this is not the cause.

Sequencer is only an image supply for the LCD, has absolutely nothing with mechanical settings (alignment) of the optics.

After moving LCD and fixing the position you should check position many times to verify how stable is the reading. generally for at least 10 measures you should be always on green and difference between readings should not be more than... damm i can't check now :P ... i think 5 was the value...

if values are fooling - you can have problems with  

a) sensor B) stepmotor c) driver card d) used stepmotor belt. 

however a) c)  d) I consider very low probability. 


Remember that you should complete whole setting sequence, so after setting zero LCD you should check and set optical offsets (cross positioning and rotation) 

and... one thing more - picture parallelism on the expo plane. Pictures can be rotated on the expo plane already due to the bad cutter adjustment. Read procedure and do the verification  ;)

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