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2701 Hardware Upgrade (Conversion)


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Hi, my name is Caio Camboim and i'm from Brazil.

I have a Noritsu 2701 minilab H001 (SI-2000 working with a mp-1600), and i'm not very happy with the speed of the minilab.  When I'm printing the 30x45 copies, the SI-2000 takes a long time to render the images, and I think i'ts because of the old hardware of the computer on the SI-2000; and the limitations of windows nt 4.0.

 Can I eliminate the SI-2000 and put a modern computer connected directly to mp-1600? 

 Will this increase the speed of rendering and printing?

How can I do it? 


I really appreciate any help you can provide, and very sorry for my english.

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It is possible to use a newer computer. I have DLS model running on Windoze 2000 on an IBM 2.8 dual xeon machine. Much faster than old front end computer. U you can also use software like Express Digital to bypass the front end and print from a different computer. The files will still go thru the front end computer. But in the case of DLS the prints are rendered faster, not sure about NON dls. But express digital will know.

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