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3300 Laser Head Weak...


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hi...    my machine has a problem. i don't know which one is the reason between aom and laser head.



1. it came yellow color in whole paper even not exposure part. looks like chemical problem 4 months ago. pic1


2. after hide laser entrance by black type, white paper come. so i concluded that it's laser problem.


3. after local engineer open laser unit and did something, the yellow color disappear. but other problem came !!!


4. blue laser couldn't syncro...  all paper show blue color.  pic1


5. tested like that


first at all check light of intensity pic2, pic3


before pic4

R/G laser head -> R/G output syncro,      B laser head -> not syncro B output


after pic4

exchange position R head and G head

G laser head -> B output syncro,             B laser head -> not syncro G output



i don't know the reason blue head looks weak and not make syncro...

is it only setting problem of program? or aom or blue head ?

but.. until now shappness and other one are ok, only blue color appear.





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To change laser head is not the same like to change a lamp bulb.

It should be finely adjusted and only after that it will work properly.


I think you need to ask for the ajustment instructions to be provided by your laser head supplier with step-by-step explanations how to do it.



they do not have any errors as far as I can see.

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The green laser is always more powerfull compaired to the blue.


The first problem of the yellow fogging is caused by either bad alignment of the laser head, or a problem with the AOM inside the laser unit.

For the blue print problem assuming you are not getting the 6105 error, either the AOM driver is bad, or the alignment of the laser is poor.


My reccomendation to you is leave this kind of work to the laser experts, unless your engineer really knows what he is doing the chances are he will cause more problems and could potentially damage the laser unit.

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OMG !!!  i think so. i made local engineer stop to touch mine.


it wasn't any message!!!  there's no error message


before but now i formated.  during i reinstalling, install CD have a error.


thanks you for advising  my expert!!!


should i re-install and set  optical adjustment ?  i think i can install  but i don't know optical adjustment. that is it?

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