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Please Help. Pressure Switch Fail.


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This morning appeared a message error by saying me "bleach regeneration empty".


After open and see, bleach chemical was spreading from the top of Pressure Switch.


I never touched this part of my DKS 1510. I'll have to replace it? Is possible to clean it?

Is there a way of continue printing bypasing it?


Any help will be apreciated.




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You can remove this pressure switch, plug the hole with something and disconnect one wire and then the machine will think that there is always chemical in the bottle, but then, you will have to visually check if there is really chemistry in the bottle ;)
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Thank you Perica.


I have disasembled the switch and cleaned with water, if I fill my mouth with water and

blow inside, the switch don't retain the water, is normal? Do you think the switch is spolied?




pd I have disasembled the switch of STAB and when you blow there's a hearing click.So I

see is spolied.  Can ,the broken one,  be disasembled and repaired ?

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Well my last post.
There's no way to repair it. I opened and saw that the sealing
rubber was broken, so the chemical floods the part where terminals are.
As is a no "vital" part, for the moment I disconect it and keep
working. Perhaps I'll buy a new one...or not.
Thank you for your fast and always welcome help.


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