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Colour Problem With Two Different Track


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I have a DKS1550, I get different colours for 6x4 size from the different track
I done all the paper set up and this papers are from the same batch
I am auploading the picture so that we get more idea about the problem
Pls have a look and I really appreciate if someone can help me out from it
Priyank Vinchhi


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Guest quick_film

 I have the same problem  in a lesser degree.

 Photos from the left lane , especially passport (10X 18 size )  do not have  the same brightness in all 4 photos and they all are a little bit more bright than  the same photo printed on the right lane. In other prints 10X15 size (incuding I.D.s) i can not see any difference. :huh:

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Hey Guys,


You should check your PRNU.

Print one and I think you will see the color or density difference as well on your mask.

If so you need to make a new PRNU and calculate it, again as mentioned before by another technicians make sure your scanner has no scratches and dust on both sides of the glass.

Hope this will help you,



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Yesterday one colegue technitian asked me to help him with similar problem on the DKS3 double track even after all PRNU test done which were uniform and both paper roll were from same box. I suspect that this rolls are not from the same batch even if they came from the same box. I sugested that they exchange the roll position and I was rigth, strange but true, this 2 Fuji 152 rolls were not the same, which was also vissible on the cutted unexpossed part ;)

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