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Frontier 330 Heather Problem


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The last couple days I've been having an issue with the heater for PS3/4. It takes a very long time to heat up, if at all, compared to the other tanks. I've changed the safety thermostat with one I had extra. I've cleaned the tanks out and made sure there's circulation. The heater was heating periodically to raise the initial temp but it can still take 3-4 hours now.


Any ideas of other things I should check? Or should I just assume the heater's on it's way out?


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I had that issue happen with my 232B about a year ago and swapped out the SSR. I was hoping it wasn't the case this time. Not that it was costly but tedious, desoldering the old one to replace it.


I just swapped the cables between the H403 (PS1/2) and H404 (PS3/4) along with their safety thermostats (d403 / d404). The 3/4 heater is heating up now fine but 1/2 isn't heating now.


Would that rule it down to an SSR for sure?

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