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2901 Unwanted, Random, Single Pixel Wide Lines

Big Dave

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Hey guys,        Please see attached images:


Today, we're experiencing a new, never happened to us yet, problem.


The daily setup had some strange lines (parallel to paper path), but I ignored it to do the daily setup (which executed fine)


Random lines, single pixel wide, in various colors on most prints from negative or digital images.  Initially thought it was a image scanning problem on our little flat-bed scanner, but the lines appear on the same image printed in landscape/portrait orientation in specific locations, and always parallel to the paper path (see image of guy in gray shirt)


Have already cleaned MLVA head, brushes, etc, but problem persists.  If we print a batch (2+ images), the problem exhibits itself on the first print, but the rest don't have the issue. 


I'm thinking memory on the Image processing board, but thought that maybe a cold boot of the entire machine might help fix it.  It performed very well up until now, as we have had a busy few days before the problem started this morning.


What do you think ?




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Well, good news for now.

After closing, we shut it down and turned off power at the breaker for 10+ minutes, then turned it on and printed several images.

All prints came out just fine.  1 print, 2 prints, 3 prints, 6 prints, all on various size papers.


Maybe it was a fluke for the day, or a warning sign...


I'll let you all know how it's doing tomorrow morning.

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OK, Things are looking great today.  No issues.


The ventilation fans are working good, and first thing in the morning, the store is pretty cold.


Will hoover the entire PC / Image processing section after hours today and "touch" the extra cards on the Image Processing PCB, and hopefully the issues will remain gone for good.


Thanks for the responses everyone.

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