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1550 Dryer Performance


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On long productions runs it seems my dryer performance drops of to a point the prints starting coming out slightly damp

and the next minute all seems ok again

I have the dryer temp set at 65 degrees but have noticed the temp fluctuates between 50 and 60 degrees

something is about to give out but i have no idea what

Any ideas you clever people..

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65 is too low. Raise a little bit temperature to recommended 70 or 75 MAx, problem should dissapear.

For power saving reasons dryer and stab heating are switched - Means when stab heaters are on, dryer heaters are cut off. I dont remember what's the switching rule but it could be possible that during intensive printing some pictures could miss full drying :). generally should not happen but ... try to evade very long continous printing sessions. 

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