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Help Needed With Im1500 Film Scanner


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Hi forum members.

New member here desperately seeking help from someone more knowledgeable than me.
I have a problem trying to install an im1500 film scanner. When I run the "im1500install.exe" I get the error message;

im1500data.ini Destination file not found.
Please check your monitor directory.

The file is present in the im1500 installation folder, but I have no idea how to get round the problem. Can anybody please help?


Its a stand alone system connected to a computer. It was previously running just fine until Windows crashed. So I've re-installed Windows, and now I can't get the scanner program to install.

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You need to create some folders on the C drive of the computer.  Add a new folder in the C drive and name it DKS. Then open the DKS folder and create a new folder inside and name it IM1500. Place all the install files for the IM1500 into the IM1500 folder. Run the install again and you will have no more errors. 

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