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Help Needed For An Epson 7600


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A few months ago I had my 7600 serviced and since then it has worked faultlessly,but now the Magenta nozzle seems to be blocked, despite several trips around the cleaning utilities. I got it going a couple of days ago and produced some great work from it. Now the Magenta has dropped out again. But this time it won't come back. 


I've done a google search and came up with this on you-tube-



Anyhow I gave this a quick go (easy to do) and got a load of gunk off the print head. BUT in the video (American) they use a proprietary window cleaner not available in the UK. Mention is made of the fact that it has Ammonia in it which would seem to be the ingredient that cleans the head.


I tried this with 'windolene', got as above loads of gunk off the head but it still did not cure the fault. However there is no trace of ammonia in this stuff. Spent a fruitless half hour in my local supermarket looking for an ammonia based product but with no result.


So, after this long ramble- has anyone in the UK used this method to clean their heads? (loads of you-tube vids on how to do this and all claim 100% success) ?


I think the approach is correct- but which product/ solvent to use? Interestingly, a couple of other nozzles were 'imperfect' (but just acceptable) but after a short  windolene soak they are now perfect.


I can and probably will call the engineers I use but that is always expensive for what I feel is just a clean up operation!


Any help is always appreciated!



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The American product is probably "Windex"...

If you're needing something with ammonia in it, why not (in a separate small container) just add some ammonia to a small amount of the windolene, apply it and see if it works ?


If you have time, what about this product : Clog Protection Solution (CPS) from dtginks.com  Supposedly works great with Epson printers with sublimation, dye or pigment ink.   Couple of drops into the capping station every night (week?).  I haven't tried it, so can't vouch for it. 

Occasionally (2/3 times a year?) we do some "maintenance" on our Epson with a head cleaner solution from InkJetMall. 

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Thanks for that 

In the end I used 'Flash clean and shine' all purpose cleaner. Wetted a thick general purpose cleaning cloth with it and passed the head over half of it a couple of times, then moved it to the other half of the cloth and left it to soak for about 15 mins. Removed the cloth and Yay- magenta ink was on the cloth!


Did another pass, this tome with water on another clog to wash off the flash, then finished with a dry cloth. carried out a couple of power cleans and tested it- perfect. Printed a couple of test prints (proper prints if you get me) perfect. That was 24 hours ago. Just checked it again, absolutely fine. So this method of nozzle cleaning appears to work!

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