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Frontier 330 Software Update


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You can't upgrade software, if your computer is old ( for example if it is FC2010 ) . In this case even new C4/C5 versions doesn't work ( gives errors ) . If computer is old can upgrade it or use FMPC system configuration. Both software can be installed - FE and MS-01. I installed on 330 and they worked without problem. 

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If you upgraded computer inside minilab now you can install MS-01. On original minilab computer type is written on the label. It is on the front, just enough open computer door on minilab and you should see this label ( can be FC-2010, FC-2011, FC-5010, FC-5011, FC-7010, FC-7011. I would recommend to install MS-01 ver.3.2 ( instead ver.3.0 ) - some bugs fixed in this version. Of course 3.0 is better than 2.5.5 . You can't print digital prints from Frontier computer - as was before you have print from external computer. To use MS-01 have to install latest A1 version. MS-01 have to be installed on both computers - minilab and workstation. Also on workstation can install some other optional MS software - for example MS-16 ( six frames view ) .

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