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Once Again Uk Labs Beware

Richard SPC

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Hi guys.


You may remember that last year I posted saying I had been approached by one Jonathan Leatham from Newtownabbey, N Ireland trying to obtain sample prints. It was obvious that he was a 'lab hopper' and only out for free prints to furnish his business. Sadly one of my friends fell foul to his little scam and ended up sending some prints.


Well today I received the following as an email from ARCHVALE PHOTOGRAPHY:-



" Dear Sir/Madam
We recently seen your website online and as we are currently in the market to appoint a photo
lab as the lab we formerly used had sadly ceased trading.
We have been awarded a contract to supply souvenir and gift shops with
mounted and framed photography and have been given the remit obtain the
best quality prints which I believe your company will be able to offer
With that in mind we were wondering if you would be prepared to submit some
12 x 8" test prints if we were to supply you some of our images as we
would need to be confident that your prints will meet our and our
customers high standards.
Could you also send me your full price list and send us a trade account application form with your tender?
Kind regards
 nathan  "


I know the name at the bottom is 'nathan' but don't believe that. The dead giveaway is the business name as Jonathan Leathem from last year lives in ARCHVALE GARDENS.


Now, apart from the fact that this Jonathan Leathem is a ****ing idiot, he obviously thinks UK lab owners are as well. If you get an email like this, DO NOT SEND him any prints.


Please feel free to send this message to anyone who may get drawn in by the hollow promise of future work.


He cant be very cleaver if he has sent it to me again after I told him to **** OFF last year.


Call me if you have any questions.



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