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Qss 3001 Eror 1801-0002

Sam Greenberg

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"Execute 2260" means enter to the service mode - go F, Menu, then press "F" and "-1". After that enter service password (2260, if have service floppy or password from password calculator, if you have not service floppy ) . Only then you will have software upgrade from hard disc menu ( Menu, Extension, Maintenance, Software upgrade, Software Upgrade (HD) ) .

Looks like you changing AOM driver accidentally shorted and discharged printer board capacitor and printer board lost software. Printer control pcb is beside AOM drivers, so next time be careful when changing AOM drivers. 

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Thank you for the reply, the re-installation worked fine, i have another problem not sure if it related to the replaces AOM, since i reinstalled the software from the HD i had to do a reregistration of the daily setup paper, after going thru the reregistration of the paper system works fine,  but every morning when i start the system and do a Daily setup the color reverses to red i tried doing a reregistration and an emulsion number change, they both give me good results until i restart the system.

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Hello. Try to save current backup and load older ( when minilab worked well ) . Also can run initial setup , paper profile registration ( if you have registered few master papers ) and make magazine registration. If even after that you will have color instability can be that your AOM driver or laser head is faulty. Many times had to repair just exchanged AOM drivers. Also tell which laser type you have ( A or B, can see on software version check menu ) . 

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