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Opinions Of Qss3501I Anyone?


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Hi Folks!


After many years of using only my 2611 as my primary machine, I've decided it is time to join the digital mainstream, while keeping the optical lab running for special customers.


I've noticed that there are many digital labs on the used market now, and I'm looking at a 3501i for immediate purchase. While I love that it is a wet lab, I'm wondering about the "I Beam" vs Laser exposure systems, and how is this machine generally as to being user friendly, and so on?  The ones I'm looking at are all between 2007 and 2009 ex works.


Any candid opinions?


Regards, Neil

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I'd choose minilab with laser. Minilab with i-beam may have problems with uniformity and you have correct it. Also i-beam replacement will be more expensive than laser if it will crash.

All Noritsu minilabs have similar interface. It is very simple and user friendly, if compare with other minilabs. Also it is very easy to make backup and restore it, made software upgrade, recovery and etc. 

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Yes I agree avoid the i-beam machines, not only is it expensive to repair the i-beam engine the quality is also inferior compared to the laser version.


Also consider the 33 series and the 30 series. The 3001 is
very similar in design to the 2611, the paper processor is 99% the same!


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