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[Qss 2701] Si-2000 Second Internal Computer Os Problem


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I got a big problem with my SI-2000 unit:




The unit stopped working suddenly, giving me this error on startup.


Inside SI-2000 there are 2 computers, one with Windows NT and the other is with DOS.

The DOS one is attached to the image acquisition PCB and controls the scanning.

It seems that something went corrupted or some card is not working.


Inside the DOS computer there are 2 drives: one HDD which is used as temporary memory for the scanned files,

and a 40 MB SSD (early type) with only DOS operative system and the scanner software interface.


i do fear that some file was corrupted, but i did a detailed scandisk on both the drives, and they do seem to work fine.

So maybe it's only a software problem (i hope!) that could be fixed by replacing the files on the 40 MB SSD with

some kind of backup (which is not present in the Noritsu CDs, as it covers only the NT computer).


do you have any idea what could be the problem or where i can find a backup of that 40MB SSD?


any help will be highly appreciated,



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i did more checks, and the internal HD of the 2nd computer (the IBM hdd) seems to have some kind of problem...

i think the problem i am having is related on this second unit that lost some partition.


any idea where i can get a backup of that HD? 

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internal PC to the MP 1600 has a button cell back up battery on the mother board. If this is dead, and surly will be if never replaced, it will not let the MP come up PERIOD! To fix this you must RESET the eeprom by grounding two pins next ti the battery. after you replace said battery. Then F1 command and reset the Eprom setting to Noritsu settings.

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