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There is no need to install antivirus software on any DKS minilab because the autoplay is disabled on all drives and DKS application will see and open only images files and the antivirus software would slow down the DKS application ;)

But if you open manually the windows explorer then it is possible to activate the virus if you start it manually, but if you are using only DKS application then it is not possible to activate the virus even if it exist on media :D

But off course, the networked PC have to be well protected ;)

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I had a visit from an engineer, who consulted some PDF files on a USB stick. That one incident lead to a virus infecting the machine PC, which in turn infected every single card and external drive connected to the DKS. It was a real nightmare and for a time I thought a full format and software reinstall was going to be necesary.


Fortunately, the solution was to use the Microsoft standalone virus scanner. This is a file downloadable from the Microsoft website which takes the latest virus definitions. You make a CD from the file, and then you do a boot from the CD. It scans all the drives, and in my case, eliminated the virus.


I agree with comments here, that in general, the DKS does not need antivirus, so long as you don´t mess with the autoplay settings nor run exectutable from memory sticks etc. However, the standalone virus scanner is a brilliant tool if you ever suspect an infection has taken place. There are different versions and different languages, but if you do a search on "Windows Defender Offline" and/or "Microsoft Safety Scanner" you will get there.

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