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Qss 3211 Bleach Fix Stop Flowing When It Needs To Remove From Printer


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I tried to search for this problem if there are any solutions, but no luck with the new forum format.  When I need to remove bleach fix from QSS 3211, the BF doesn't flow out of the tube anymore.  I reviewed the technical manual and the flow for BF doesn't show any special parts to assist the flow.  It is mainly using gravity.  I suspect something is blocking the flow of the BF to come out.  Any suggestion on how to tickle the problem without randomly taking the BF components apart to solve this problem.  Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Dan,

That sounds like a problem.  We don't have that issue yet !


On our film developer, when we drain chemistry (to re-mix new working tank solution) sometimes large chunks of "stuff" clog the drainage hoses, and sometimes just blowing, very hard, into those hoses helps to clear the lines (it forces the chunks back up, and the extra pressure as they re-enter the drainage hose helps to force the chunks to break up and flow through the drain lines.

Maybe that will help.


There's got to be a better way, but would probably mean tearing apart the machine !


Good luck!

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The easiest way is to remove the bleach rack and siphon the chemistry out.
There may be some prints in the bottom of the tank that are blocking the drain down pipe hole.

It would be unusual for the bleach-fix to crystallise in the pipe, I’ve only ever had C-41 chemistry crystallise never RA-4.

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Thanks, I plan to spend sometime to see how the BF drainage system works and decide the best way to resolve this problem.  I am able to get the BF out by sucking the fluid out of the hose, but it is a temporary solution to get the production going until I have time to resolve this for long term.


Thanks again for the help.

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