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Frontier 350 Network Settings


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Could someone please tell me what the network settings should be on the toshiba 5500f  {NT4 computer} of the sp2000 scanner  it will not connect to the IBM server  error W-1531 F-Di device registration failed . Need to know IP address network name , computer name etc . and any other relevant settings .


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External computer name FRONTEND, user name FRONTIER , password FRONTIER , select option do not ask password when log on. User FRONTIER should belong to administrators. Workgroup should be the same which is on scanner computer ( MICSGROUP or WORKGROUP will be there ) . Use the same IP mask which is on scanner computer. IP address will be the same which is on scanner computer - just last digit should be different ( because two computers in the same system can't have exactly the same address. IP configuration can check using Windows "ping" ( Start, run, type text ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -t ; instead x your IP ) . When running ping from scanner computer have to ping external computer IP. When running ping from external computer have to ping scanner computer IP.  Both directions can't be communication error. Also pay attention that C4/C5 version on scanner computer should match C4/C5 version on external computer. Can be that you will not have communication in Frontier menu if versions will be diferent.   

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