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Mp-1600 Stand Alone Garbled Prints


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My stand-alone MP-1600 machine has all of a sudden started printing garbage when I send images from the computer.  I've attached a scan that shows what the printer is printing.  In the corner of the scan is the image I actually sent to the printer (girl sitting down).


Here is everything that led up to this that I can remember.


3 or 4 weeks ago I changed lamps and started the light source maintenance routine.  When I got to the uniformity prints, I discovered that my 9600XL scanner was dead as a doornail.  I had to shut the printer down.


It took me two weeks or so to find and get another scanner.  I fired up the printer, scanner, and computer and restarted the light source maintenance routine.  I was able to complete the light source maintenance, but everything I sent to the printer from the computer looked like the image attached... half of the image I sent in garbled, compressed, garbage, and then some combination of a gray step scale/uniformity test print.  


When I put the new scanner in, the SCSI card came loose in the computer and had to be re-seated.  As far as I can tell the scanner works fine and is communicating with the MP.


Here is what I've tried:


- Reinstalled the MP system software from floppies at the printer.  I'm running version H002C

- Rebooted the MP and computer several times.  Shut down MP at the breaker and restarted 3 or 4 times

- Redone the entire MLVA setup

- Re-seated the LVDS card in the computer

- Unplugged and re-plugged the ethernet cable from the computer to the MP


As far as I can tell the problem seems to be between the computer and the MP.  All the test prints and setup prints I've run from the MP control panel have looked fine.  


Is this a problem with the interface card in the MP that talks to the computer?  Anybody ever had a problem like this?  I'm dead in the water.



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Hi Noob


The scanner for uniformity the Nortsu MP1600 or 2701/2711(Scan Maker 9600 XL, orginal Microtek MRS-1200A3) maks a lot of problem in the age. We have two of them and both haven´t work more. Sometime when you switch ON and OFF many times the scanner starts too work again.


Main problem is the processer of the scanner how start allways new. The reasen of that processor new start are the broken small condensators near the microprocessor- IC´s.

1. Check all different powersupply in the scanner

2. Change all small condensators (20x20uF 16V. 16x22uF 35V, 4x10uF 16V) on the mainboard


Good look!



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