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Dymo Label Problems


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Hi Everyone, its been a while since i have had any problem that i haven't been able to sort out one way or another but i am really stuck with this one.  I do hope everyone is well and making lots of money.


My DYMO lable / receipt maker that is attached to my kis kiosk died (model 400) and have had to replace it with the latest model (model 450). 


I have loaded the driver and the windows test print is OK.


when i do an order on the kiosk, the receipt doesn't come out.  the order number comes up on screen so you can see what the order is, but it doesn't send the information to the DYMO 450.


While the 450 is plugged in the order takes a long time also to finalise.


I have made the 450 the default printer. and have now un installed the 400 printer driver to see if that worked - NO it doesn't.


is there somewhere in the kis configuration that i must change? And how do i find it to change it?


Can someone please help me as i am not sure what to do.  I cannot buy a Dymo 400 to replace the old one as they are no longer in stock.


Thank you all in advance.



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i had previously bought one from ebay and it lasted about 2 weeks - it was new and now can't locate the seller.  I decided i would buy a new one - so is it rendered useless?   if thats the case thats crazy - the system should allow for attachements to break down.

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There's no place in the estation settings to setup the Dymo printer.

All settings are made in the Dymo software by choosing a template

for the design of receipt you want. The standard template has to be

in the C: root and its name is dcs4.lwl

I don't know if estation allows this model of Dymo machine, the question

is trying.

Estation takes time to send orders because is trying to find the printer

first and cannot find it.

Do you still have the same folder in Program Files for Dymo software?



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Get another one from e-bay - they can't be expensive - it is worth it more than the aggravation the new one is giving you. The company has a help line, try them to see what is wrong with your old one and the other one that lasted two weeks. They helped me when a sensor went bad.

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I run the older dymo 310's on my estations without problem.

How true it is I don't know but I run normal thermal till paper through mine however was once told by an engineer that the newer 400's and 450's need the (expensive) dymo labels for them to work.

Are you using the dymo labels in the 450?

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