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Coloured Band On All Prints


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the coloured band isn't easy to see onscreen here as i have scanned it, but it is quite visible on all prints.  it is especially noticible on the enlargements. black and white prints show it up more tho as we can often get away with it on colour prints.  the banding is blue and red/pink.  it shows at the top of this photo. 


anyone else experiencing this and is there an easy fix.


also  it comes out of the kis 1530  with the banding at the front  side of the machine (where you sit side)post-4973-0-12641100-1370058488_thumb.jpg



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Go to super user (tec), theres a prnu and help file..!!


After printing 20x30cm matte print, scan it 800 resolution, leave white border and name it scan.bmp and place it in d-drive..


Then go to super user and press calculate..


It´s easy to do, only thing is to check that when scanning that scale on the side is ok, dont scan too bright or dark..=)

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yeah ... great advice, Ridge you could do little bit more, or you are eliminating opponents on the market ? :D

press "calculate" but what parameter ? Step=3 ? step=7 ? maybe 9 ?

1. Before printing PRNU be sure racks are clean and ther is no chemisstyr traces on the pictures.

2. Before you scan - clean your scanner very well

3. Before you press calculate - Edit the picture and get sure there is no dust hairs or any other trash on the picture othervise all this mess will transpose to your PRNU and quality of your pictures will go down like bad guys against Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Unbelievable how may things you can find after scanning  A4 picture on the "supposedly" clean scanner.

THIS IS NOT RELIEVING YOU from reading the help file !. 

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