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3501 Need Help With The Pc Badly!


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Greetings Again, Folks!


I bought a very nice, clean 3501-SM, and it has been turning out amazing work, either from digital media, or from scanned film (Uses S-1 II)  However, the flat bed scanner would not operate from the first. (Epson V-700 Photo Pro) The computer internal to the machine recognized it, but asked for the driver CD from Epson, which I did not have. So, on advice of another 3501 owner, I went to Epson's web site, and sure enough downloaded two drivers, and unzipped them to a CD, Tried setup for the scanner again, and this time I had the CD.  Seemed to load OK, and rebooted. When it came up, I was asked for the Admin password, which I thought was 0123.  nope. Maybe 0000? Nope.  So I clicked bypass, the computer restarted, went through the POST, and came to the black screen with the bar across the bottom, "Starting Windows". The bar progressed all the way across, and stopped!  I've tried everything I can think of...changed out the coin cell battery with power unplugged, so as to reset the CMOS, went into the setup screen, and disabled the password.  Also tried starting up with nothing but the keyboard, mouse and monitor plugged in. 


It seems to me that if I were to take the Windows 2000 pro boot disk, or recovery disk (neither of which I have!) it would then boot up, and give me a chance to figure out what I did wrong, then uninstall/fix/delete it and get back on track.


Here is the sum total of what came to me with the machine: The four program disks, with the right serial numbers, a backup disk from the previous owner, the S1-II parts list CD, The QSS-3501 Operator's manual and the IPP parts list  HELP!


What do I need to have, and more importantly, how do I get the machine to talk to me again? So far, it seems I've lost everything on it but my sense of humor, and that is drying out...By the way, can the password from the password generator be used on this machine, using the F --> #### -->F -->-1 --> [enter] routine?


Thank you in advance!!!

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I don't have a 3501, so please take what I say with a grain of salt.


For Windows, when the machine starts to boot up, right after the POST, hit the <F8> button (repeatedly) to get into Window's boot menu.

Select "Safe Mode", and see if you can un-install the Epson drivers/app, and see if this fixes the Boot into Windows problem you are experiencing.


As far as the Administrator password for Windows, on our 2901, the password is 2260.  I don't know the correct one for your 3501.


Hope this helps (somewhat).

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Hello. Probably admin password will be 2260 ( 22 is for older Noritsu ) . I do not remember what to press to get Bios settings. I think will be F2. On other computers should press "Delete" . Always can see button name when computer is booting. Do not rush with recovery - sometimes in computer motherboard is changed and you can't use recovery CD. Try run computer from safe mode, restore older system file from repair directory ( using mini Windows or some other utility ) . Before restoring somewhere save original "system" file.

Service mode will be the same, which in older minilabs ( F and -1). Can use service floppy with password 2260 or calculate and use daily password.

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Howdy, and THANKS TO YOU!!


Yesterday, before getting your message, I went ahead with a cold shutdown, including turning off the main switch on the processor. Also pulled the power plug on the PC.  When I re-started some 12 hours later, everything booted, and at the password screen, I entered 2260. Presto! The machine came back up, and is now running very well!  Thank you again for your valuable input!


In other news, I called the man I bought the machines from, and good guy that he is, he rustled up the drivers disk for a 3501, and is sending it to me at no charge.  He said that it SHOULD have been in the machine, along with the manuals CDs, and the floppies.


So far, so good!


Best to you!


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It is great. if you will have CD. Until minilab is working make backup in service data. It will be better than to have old outdated floppy. Just enter to service mode, then go menu, extension, maintenance, read write data, service data, write all data to HD, select path and you will have full minilab backup there. To prevent backup loosing can copy this backup folder to other places ( other computer, CD, USB and etc. ) .

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Just clone the hard drive once everything is working ok.   Cheap insurance.

Make sure your clone hard drive will work with the motherboard your 3501 has, ie: ATA (PATA) or SATA hard drive.

You can use an external hard drive enclosure to make the clone, then keep it in/around the PC.  If/when the hard drive fails, just plug it in, restore latest nightly backup data and you're running again.  We have a small 80GB drive in ours.


user "Minilab service" is right... do a full service mode backup every month or after any significant change and store it somewhere in your store network.

Then, don't forget to do a "chkdsk /f" (fix errors) on the boot / data drive (if any) every now and then.


Have fun with your new toy !



To answer your last question from your OP, Yes, you can use the password generator password to get into service mode.

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As always, thanks to both of you!



My machine does have SATA connections for the two hard drives, and also uses ATA for the CD drive.  I have a nice, new SATA 320 GB hard drive, and shall image the two drives in the machine to it, under two partitions.  There is room in the PC to plug in an additional twp SATA cables, so I should be able to do it in side the machine, wrap the drive back up, and store it in the vicinity of the PC.  There is plenty of room! Very sound advice!


Thanks again, as always!

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