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Black Color Prints Not Black Enough


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hi, thank's for your repply. i don't think the developer is contaminated. the prints color just fine, i just want to maximize the white point and black point. i'm not using the right chemical right now, because i'm using cp49e on the old sfa 248. i got the instruction from local technician on how to use the cp49e on sfa 248. in my country it's hard to find cp47 because they don't sale it anymore and took some cost and time to order the 3rd party chemical. i' dont have control strip and i don't know how to use it.  

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What is the time in developer, and what temperature is the bath? If you have checked out the replenishment system as suggested by Nick, remember that

Contamination by bleach/fix is very very damaging to developer, only a relatively tiny amount will kill the action of the developer! That is after all, part of the bleach/fix's job, to stop development!


Here's a couple of things to try if you are positive the developer is good.. Run the developer temperature up a bit.  Try again. If your development time is close to 25 to 30 seconds, you can use most RA-4 developers if you heat them to 42 degrees, and you will get good results.  I have done this for several years on Noritsu SM machines, and have been really satisfied.


When you said the blacks aren't black enough, might they be tending toward blue?  If so, your developer isn't getting the job done.  This could be because of time, temperature, or just exhaustion.


I'm hopeful this is a bit helpful!  Not being a Fuji owner, I know little about the special characteristics of their chemistry, but it all does the same job in the end, so I don't think I'm too far off.

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perhaps my explanation not detailed enough, the black color is quite black actually but when i use x-rite densitometer the measurement is not perfect black, same goes with the white color too. i've seen another minilab prints that prints very good white point. The timing of developer is 45 sec and the temperature is 38.5 celcius. The timing of bleach is 45 sec and the temperature is 38 celcius. Any suggestion?

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It is other method to check black and white levels. Just on minilab run control strip test ( or just run minilab processor ) and instead control strip can put two pieces of paper - one fogged ( hold paper on some light and after that put to processor ) and second piece put to control strip holder in some dark place and from this holder put to processor. First print will go out black ( because it will be kept on light ) and second will be white ( because no light there ) . Then check both with your x-rite and you see what black and white levels can give your chemicals.

If you can't get CP47 from Fuji you can buy it from many other companies. Tetenal, Cpac , Agfa and some other still making it. 

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