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Is It Possible Do Do 12,7X17,8 Prints Doble Track?


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Hello people, I'm kind of insisting on this topic because obviously is pretty important, at least to me. Just wondering does anybody do or knows that is possible to print 12,7x17,8 using double track magazines? I have a 1670 system. I'm printing right now 10,2 x15,2 double track with no problem, but just can't get to do bigger sizes. Any comments will be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Don't understand 2x 15.2...  Somewhere in the installation manual indicates to load to rolls of 6 inch paper, therefore I would assume that I could print 6x4 prints double track and since this is larger than 5 inch paper I would presume that It could possibly print 5x7 double track. I'm using inches now for there seem to be easier to understand for this matter.

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Thanks Pskaro. As you can see from posts above and different places, some people would say no. Anyway, I can get to print 5x7's double track mode but I get stuck in the centering process, I get about 15mm white borders on the outsides of prints. I go into magazine offsets and there it is both left and right offsets activated, the problem is when I put a value there either + or - both prints move, there is no way a can get to move them individually, can you get me any input on this matter? Thank again!!

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Not sure what your work flow for 7x5 prints is, but these methods work:


You can set up a double track cassette to use 5 inch paper by adjusting the paper guides inside of any double track cassette. You then set paper width to 5 inch and paper advance to 7 inch. The system then behaves exactly the same as with your 6x4 prints.


If you use two cassettes, one for 6 inch paper, and one for 5 inch paper, you can set the cassette number for automatic recognition of the paper width, otherwise you will need to adjust the cassette parameters each time you change paper width.


If you only have 6 inch double track paper, you could set a template mask to print photos at 7x5 using paper width using paper width of 6" and paper advance of 7". The template mask give you a 7x5 "print" with blank areas which you would need to trim off. If you set the template mask to use a base paper size of 7x6, and set the non printing area all at the top or all at the bottom, you would only need to trim one side of each print. This method is better than messing about with the cassette offsets.


If you are talking large numbers of prints, the 5" paper method is the way to go, if it is only an occasional short run, and you don´t mind trimming prints, the mask method is an option.

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Thanks so much. I have two double track mags, so I would go for the auto recognition of each one of them. The only problem I have right now is how to do the adjustments in the Cassette Parameters. I go to DKS-Parameters- Cassettes:



offset_Lat_ Gauche



Are these the values to change?\


Thank You

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If you are using 5" paper in a twin track cassette: Go into super user, papers and cassettes. Select the paper cassette number and set the paper type to 5" for that cassette. That should do the trick. Offsets and so on should only be adjusted if you need to do a fine tune. The major adjustment is linking the cassette number to 5" paper, and that is done through super user.

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A bit more explanation: Each DKS paper cassette has a chip that identifies it (it is those electronic contacts at the front of the cassette). Each cassette has an ID number in the software. The papers in the cassette are identified manually by your settings in super user, papers and cassettes. That is where you set the width and roll length, surface type and response curve for the paper you use in that cassette. If you change paper type, width, roll length etc, for that cassette, then you need to change these settings. Once they are set, you do not need to change them all the time you continue using the same paper.


When you change cassettes, the DKS reads only the cassette ID number, and from that, changes the paper parameters automatically, but only based on the settings for that cassette. Remaining paper length etc is just a calculated figure based on usage of that cassette.



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Based on your change from 4" to 5" paper, make sure you choose the cassette ID that previously had 4" paper. Change the paper type to 5" for that cassette, setting surface and the response curve as needed. I assume your second twin track cassette has 6" paper. That will have a different cassette ID and will not need any changes made.


When you send images to the print queue, if you make sure you send your 5" prints to paper width 5" paper advance 7", they will remain in the queue until you put the 5" cassette into the machine.

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No problem. Lets see if I can summarise better my above three posts:


Go into super user, paper and cassettes.

You will see two sections, one for cassettes, one for papers. The papers settings covers the range of widths, surface finishes, and response curves for each paper. You only need to worry about the papers and sizes you use. Your machine has been using 4" and 6" papers, so these should be set correctly already, but you need to make sure the 5" paper is also set the same. Once you´ve set or confirmed the settings for 5" paper you then need to change the cassette settings so that the DKS knows the paper is now 5" not 4"


Look in the cassettes section. You will have one cassette ID that corresponds to 6" paper. Take that as your base reference, checking what paper surface and response curve are set. Assuming you use the same paper surface, manufacturer etc, then your settings for 5" paper should be set the same.


You will have another cassette ID that corresponds to 4" paper. Make a note of that cassette ID.


Go to the paper settings section, and check what is already set for 6" paper (Gloss or Lustre as appropriate). Have a look at the 4" paper settings, and it should have been the same! Now go to the 5" settings, and make sure the settings there are the same as for your 6" paper, ie any response curve etc are the same.


Go back to the cassette settings, and select the cassette ID that had the 4" paper. Change the paper to 5" (gloss or lustre as appropriate). At this stage, set both lateral offsets to zero as you need to work from a base setting to start with, and save.


Quit super user.


You should now be able to print to 5" paper, and they should print when the 5" cassette is in the machine.


If you need to fine tune the lateral offsets, you can go back to super user and do it through the cassette settings.


Hope that helps


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Thanks Ray, really. You have the patience to write all that and take the time, it's very valuable. I'm still out of town, I'll defenetly try to set it up as you have been mentioning, see how It ends up. Please in any case that I run into issues, hope you can lead me to get it done. Once again, very many thanks!!

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I'm going crazy now trying to make my DKS3 do 152x102 (6x4) or 127x178 (5x7) double track. just can't to find a way, I can do 102x152 double track with no problems. First of all let me point out that the machine I have comes from a USA drugstore CVS, therefore the software I have is a DKS3 4.4.11 LX A P2 CVS don't know if this software is a dedicated one or something else, because it came with 102 paper double track magazines seems as a default, I don't think they even made another sizes. Anyway these are the things I've tried so far:



Deleted all the cassette info from cassettes folder, left the folder empty. Loaded a 152 double track, the machine recognized this one as cassettes #1 and prompt me to configure, wich I did, marked double track, glossy 152, and so forth. The prints came out as the samples I'm enclosing.



Done all the adjustments in MM/Top and in Centering tab I've done paper cutter and PHD2, wich seems to work ONLY with 102 (4) size paper. I mean, it sends 4 prints to directtly to 102 A. It seems that this set up can not be changed...


C)I tricked the machine into thinking that the paper was in fact a 102 A cassette, wich in fact inside was loaded a 152 size paper...It did print and the four centering prints came out, but of course the outside borders were all without any patterns, but anyway I measure them the same way I did with the 102 size. Loaded the results, but again to no avail, even worse, images more cut...


D) Of course the first thing I ever did was the left and right lateral offset in paper and cartridge menu. If I put a 5 correction, on either left or right, both images seem to move, without opening the entire image, it just gives me more withe border, without "opening" the image.


Please help!!! Desperate after a long time trying to solve this issue.




Please see attached file


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If you done centering on that cassete magazine in the past then it is not necessary to do it again after changing the paper.

Default centering is actualy done on 152 cm paper, and to do it on 102 cm paper, it is necessary to change some values in 4 files, but that was obviously done, so you have to change back that values. When I am back in the office tomorrow afternoon I will check details and post here ;)

But to setup different paper, beside mechanichal changes in the magazin, you should create new paper channel (if it is not already created), in S.U. (pass: user), set name like "152 Kodak Edge Glossy", for width set 152, for the surface set Glossy, set paper response (standard) and press on the floppy disk icon to save this NEW paper channel.

Go to cassete menu and link the cassete with this NEW paper channel which should be now in the list, tick double cassete option, leave latteral offset to 0 and again press on the floppy disk icon to save it ;)

When sending images set 152 for width, 102 for lenght, set A for surface and that is it ;)

And, by the way, the latest application software is 4.8.1 LX3 ;)

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Thanks PsKaro, I'll keep trying...But I'm pretty sure I've done this procedure already. What's calling my attention is that you say Paper Cutter & PHd2 in the centering tab should be done with 152 size paper by default. This procedure I can only do it with 102 paper, tried lots of things, even fooling the machine, but to no rewards. When I send the four prints to begin the procedure, these prints are sent directly to 102 A paper magazine...I think there is the problem I'm having. If you can let me know on how can I configure to use 152 for centering will be awesome, thank you!! 

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Ok, here is the copy off the document which I mentioned, but read my comment on the end ;)


You need to make the centering, but the machine does not manage it.
By default, the machine requires 152 mm (6 “) paper and you only have 102 mm (4 “) paper.
1. If you have 4.4.22 software version
You can make the centering on the 102mm paper. For that you have to modify some files. Before to do any change, log you in Administrator mode.
• For the external feeder:
Go in C:/DKS/Constantes/Ordres/CENTERING_EXT
You will then find 4 sub-folders inside.
In each of these folders, you will find a “ORDRE.INI” file.
In each of these “ORDRE.INI” file, you should modify the value from 6 to 4
You should replace it by
After replacing the value in each file “ORDRE.INI” for the 4 folders you can make the centering with 102mm paper from the external feeder.
• For the internal feeder:
It is exactly the same procedure except that you should do it from
Modify the 4 “ORDRE.INI” files from the 4 folders, exactly the same way as for the external feeder.
If you use 4.5 software version or over
It is exactly the same procedure. The files to modify are the same but the values to change are different. The following table gives you the correspondence:
0 = 89mm
1 = 102mm
2 = 127mm
3 = 152mm
So, if you want to make the centering on the 102mm paper, you should change the value to “1”.
In these “ORDRE.INI” file, you should modify the value from 3 to 1
You should replace it by
Do not forget to modify the value in each of the 4 files.
In your case (for software 4.4.11), I presume that first part is valid ( If you have 4.4.22 software version), and that value "LARG_PAPIER=4" is already set like that (centering using 102mm paper), so you should change it back to "LARG_PAPIER=6" to enable again the centering using 152mm paper.
As this parameter is positioned in constantes folder, each application reinstallation will revert this value to default value (152mm centering) ;)
I hope that this will help you to do centering using 152mm paper ;)
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Now we are talking, makes perfect sense PsKaro, you're the man!! I'm going to try it and let you know. Thanks again...By the way, is there any way I can get my hands on the lastest OS and Latest DKS3 software? If you can write me directly to   mil_ayala@hotmail.com  Thank you again.

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I am glad that I could help you on this matter, but regarding the newer software version, I do not share software in principal without approval from manufacturer which is Photo Me in this case, sorry :(

Try to contact KIS or KIS technitian for your country ;)

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