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3501 Epson V700 Scanner Driver


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Here I am again!  My recently purchased QSS 3501SM came with a flatbed scanner, which I have not been able to activate. It connects via USB to the PC in the machine, cnad when booting up in the AM, the :PC tells me "new hardware found" and lists the scanner.  However, it asks me for the scanner install/driver disk, which of course, I don't have.


I tried Epson support, and they told me to download the files 15196.exe  V3.920, which I did...this did not work, even though the tech support guy e-mailed me explicit instructions. So, I tried ordering the required disks from Epson, which they claim to offer at only $9.95US.  Called them to order, and they tell me that there is no drivers for Windows 2000 pro.  this seems really odd to me, as Noritsu shipped the V700 Photo as factory equipment. I think part of the problem could be that the O/S on my desktop is Windows 7, and even though I checked of Windows 2000 the epson server didn't believe me....


This brings up another question for those of you much brighter than myself on this machine...How exactly do I connect the 3501 to the internet via our network?  And, once I get everything tuned up and running, I want to also connect my CT2-MD in there, too.  "Shouldn't" be a problem? At least I have a full array of disks and books for the CT2.  It was previously used with a 2701.


Any help causing me to work myself out of this tight spot would be GREATLY appreciated!  And by the way, the T-15 and the 2611 are now working as they should, thanks in no part to this forum!



Neil W.

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