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Dks 1710


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I own a DKS 1710 for maybe 8 yrs. now. It is much better than the 1510.

No troubles than any other machine. I only had to buy a PC power supply - $40 and a tank board $1,500. Of course I replaced maintenance parts just like your car. The 1710 also can do up to 12 X 18, which is a good money maker.

The 1710 is a DKS 3 series, and the 1510 is a DKS 2 series. I have owned a DKS 1, 2 and now 3. 3 is by far the best. It is the latest technology and the exposure system is no problem at all. The 1510 has a problem called the 24 pixel line, which is expensive to replace or repair, if you can. My exposure system does not have that problem and I haven't heard of anyone that has replaced theirs.
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Dear collegues, 



I would like to sell my minicab DKS 1710 because I changed my store into a closed studio. So I don't do the prints that it requires.. 


2.5y in use, and only 112 411 prints. 
Software, filmscanner, 4x cartidge,.. 



If no response, I'm willing to sell in parts. 


Pictures on request. 



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