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E-1112 And W-1597 Error Messages On Sp2500 (Focussing Position Adjustments For Each Carrier Not Performed)


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Hello, I'm new here.


I've just purchased a second-hand Fuji Frontier SP2500 scanner in stand-alone config with the NC135 AG and the MFC 10Y carriers. I'm waiting the get the DI to be operational and wanted to check the scanner without it.


With the NC135 AG, I can't pre-scan and I get this error message : W-1597 :Pre-scan cannot be performed, because service type is not selected. Is it just because the network connection with DI is absent ?


With the MFC 10Y, I get most of the time E-1112 (Focus position adjustment for each carrier not performed) and sometimes E-1119 which seem the same error message.

After looking up the stats, it seems this scanner never scanned medium format with the MFC 10Y yet. Do I really have to contact a technical representative from Fuji?


Anyone knows how to solve those?


Thanks for your help.






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Oops nevermind the E-1112 and E-1119 question, I've found the answer in the archives of this forum:


Posted by: Aaron_RIMG_TSR, October 17, 2011, 8:38pm; Reply: 5
Go in to the maintenance menu using username SE2 and password 7777. Goto the menu "Scanner Adjustmen/Maintenance" then "Carrier Focus Position Adjustment". You need a cut, color negative that is 4 frames (no more and no less). Run this and it might take care of your problem.


Now I just need to get my IBM server DI working and I should be ok. Anyone knows if any DI computers with the Fuji software installed can communicate and retrieve de scans from the SP2500, or does it need to be the original IBM server?





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