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Qss 3203 Laser Error


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Hello, i have a Noritsu QSS 3203 and, sometimes, when i try to print photos it displays the following error:

Laser PCB Error.


After i clear the error message, it says that the laser temperatures are adjusting and needs approx. 5 minutes to warm up, when it was actually heated up hours ago

What is the source of this error and how can i fix it?


A few minutes ago, as i tried to open the magazine door and cool it down, it's kinda hot in here, it gave me another error:


Synchronous Sensor Error.



Thank you in advance.

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6087-0003 means Laser Control PCB system error. The image data that is sent to the laser control PCB from the PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB via LVDS does not agree with the image data that is sent by ARCNET communication. Usually it can cause broken LVDS cable between printer and workstation. Usually it breaks where it is fixed on the exit to workstation. My advice would be to remove this cable holder, pull LVDS cable a little inside ( broken part will not move anymore ) , put holder to other place and fix cable again ( do not remove cable protective plastic shield, fix cable on it ) . Cable is moving where it is fixed and in long time can be broken.

Also the same fault can cause Laser Control PCB. You have second error related with it. 6073 synchronous sensor error. The R laser synchronous signal does not enter within the specified period to the synchronous sensor PCB . Can be faulty laser control PCB, laser I/O PCB, R-AOM driver ( in most cases ) , multi power supply, laser power supply, laser unit.


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I did what you taught me, the error hasn't appeared since then. Thank you very much for your help.


Another question, how can i set frames to pictures? I added a white 4 mm border to print sizes, but i would like to use other custom frames, for example in wedding photos customers ask me if i have an iron-like frame, i have the frame in a .png format, but can i set it to be used on certain print sizes?


The white border that I previously told you about, in some print sizes it doen't print it equally, for example the top border in one or two mm thinner than the bottom one. Can it be from the magazines? The paper is not introduced properly into the magazine?


Also, is there an option for a preview of the pictures i select, before the correction/printing step?

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