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Qss 3203 Various Questions


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Hello, i started this thread because i own a Noritsu QSS 3203 and I have some problems understanding the full-functional capacity of the minilab.

For starters, I have a newer version of the software and I would like to upgrade it.


QSS-32Pro Main System Program Ver. 9.03S_TI504826


I tried copying it to a CD and using its software to update from CD but it didn't work. 

The current Main version is 3.01.001, the printer version is 1.01111 054, and the processor version is 1.063


My second problem would be, how do i fit in a picture? If i want to print a photo on 4"/6" and the ratio does not fit inside the frame, how do i set it to fit in? And by "Fit-In" i mean the Fit-In option that you can find on Fuji Frontier 350 (LP 1500SC).


Also, how do I use frames? Or how do I add frames? Printing wedding photos is quite interesting, when you print standard photos, but when the client asks for some frames for his/hers pictures i have to refuse the client's request because I couldn't work it out how to use them properly.


Thank you very much for your time

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Hello. It is not necessary CD to upgrade minilab. You can put files to HD, USB or some other source and upgrade your minilab.

If you have QSS-32Pro Main System Program Ver. 9.03S ( special version ) you will need special profile data too.

Fit in option you can select in print channel.

To use frames you have to install frame print and multi-frame software.

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