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Dks 1550 'Reset Ppc'


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As title- this is sending me mad!


For no reason the warning light goes red and stops the printer. There is no problem with the paper transport, the racks have all been cleaned and inspected along with the drier rollers. This just happens randomly and only on 4'' paper.


Any ideas? Oh I've changed the densitometer bulb and cleaned the densi roller as well!

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Usually the problems is in the dryer soft rollers or some paper jammed near exit sensor.


The best test for this is to opened the dryer, open the dryer lid, open the dryer cover so you can see the soft rollers and introduce the print into the dryer input are marked with arrow and turn the big black gear and watch the print passing inside the dryer.


If there is some slipping going on then (when the dryer is in up position), you have the problem with worn dryer soft rollers, but also inspect the state and tension off the dryer belt and check if there are two springs in the position in the input dryer rubber roller (outside).


This test is good because when the dryer is closed then the upper soft rollers are by gravity pulled down and then sometimes is OK and sometimes is not, and if the print is passing without slipping when the dryer is in the up position, the surely the print will pass the dryer section when it is closed ;)

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​When the print is exposed there is a countdown timer to tell if the print has come out of the machine at the proper amount of time and if it doesn't the red light will come on and prevent damage to the machine. Like Psarko said , there is a slippage problem somewhere and it is happening on the paper with the least amount of size to it for the rollers to grab onto. The slipping can be anywhere as there are a lot of rollers and it doesn't take much. Ronnie

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