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Dks 1710 Developer Heat Issue And Spare Parts/Service Manual


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We have a DKS 1710 (in North America) and the developer isn't heating or maintaining heat (once heated manually) Does anyone have any ideas right off hand what's going on or who would be the best contact for that?


Also does anyone have a current link to the user or spare parts manuals?


Thanks in advance!

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There are a number of reasons this could happen. First, are the wires to the heater connected properly, nice and tight?

Are the heater wires shorting somewhere? Another problem usually is that the turbine is not circulating the tank solution, so the area around the thermostat stays cold. I always find that is the problem, not anything else. So before you buy any parts check that out first. By the way, what wears out is the little washer under the turbine that wears out and the turbine does not spin.

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If there is no error for circulation pump and there is no heating in that tank, then the heater is probably dead and you have to put a new one.

Off course, you can measure it with ohmetar to be sure that it is the heater or something else, like SSR for that heater ;)

While you are waiting for new heater, you can remove one from 2nd STB tank and put it in the DEV tank ;)

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First - check the heater with the resistance meter. If no value - heater is dead. if value is around 180 ohms - heater is ok, the relay on the PCB could be dead.

If you are in dead end and need machien runnintg - Prompt way to solve issue is to buy a aquarium heater 300W with thermostat - or electric radiator heater with own thermostat (different powers awailable - 500-600W fits) and put it in the tank. 

U can buy a cheap Aquarium heater itself, strip the wires and try to replace DKS heater. NOTE - ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED GUYS and do it always on machine switched off - 230V can make you dead not only the heater. -_-

Note - max power 300W for the original DEV. (I assume DKS3 has the same heaters that DKS2) 

By the way - how much costs the new heater for the DKS right now ? 

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Yep.  Just replaced dead DEV tank heater with 200W heater like recommended and it works fine.  Thanks Pskaro.  You can tell the heater is dead when it is short between the brown and blue wires.  The good 200W heater I replaced it with read 257 ohms on the brown and blue wires.  Thanks to Relaxia for the tip on the ohm meter test.

Best regards,


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