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Noritsu Laser Temperature Error - F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Hello, we at The Laser Refinery Inc., commonly get asked questions about Noritsu Laser Temperature errors.


Here are a some tips to help you troubleshoot for those who encounter a Laser Temperature Error with Noritsu Minilabs.


A.) There are actually 4 Temperature sensors in the Noritsu Minilab Laser Engine.

These are:
1.) Laser Engine Temperature Sensor ( U )
2.) Red Laser Temperature Sensor ( R )
3.) Green Laser Temperature Sensor
4.) Blue Laser Temperature Sensor


B.) If the Error "Laser Temperature is being adjusted. One moment please.." appears and does not go away, it can be any of the above sensors. On some machines the error includes a (U) or ® after the message which helps you know if it's sensor (1) The Laser Engine Temperature Sensor  or sensor (2)  Red Laser Temperature Sensor ( R ). If nothing appears then it is likely the Green or Blue Lasers that triggered the error and may indicate a bad Green or Blue Laser. If you suspect you have a bad Blue or Green Laser you may contact us and we can help you troubleshoot further.


C.) The Error "R Laser Temperature is out of range" indicates a problem with the Red Laser Temperature Sensor. The Red Laser Temperature is suppose to be 32 degrees celsius +/- 0.5 degrees. So it needs to be very accurate. If you suspect that your red laser temperature is at fault you can go to the "Laser Unit Adjustment" screen and check that it is within this range. To get to this page go to the Main Menu-Extensions-Maintenance- Various Adjustments-Laser Unit Adjustment and check your Red Laser Temperature to verify that it is within range. If it is not it may be a bad laser, but more often than not a bad Red Laser Temperature reading usually indicated a bad ciruit board, power supply or connector. If the Red Laser or Red Laser AOM Driver actually fails you will also get a "sychronous sensor error". There are flowcharts you can follow to help troubleshoot further, but are beyond the scope of this FAQ. You may contact us and we can help you troubleshoot this error further, please provide the model of your machine.


D.) The Error "Laser Unit Temperature Is Out Of Range" is an error with Sensor (1) Laser Engine Temperature Sensor. This sensor has two black wires that go into the laser engine. The actual heater wich provides the heat for this sensor is a Very Large Resistor on the bottom of the laser engine. It typically has two white wires going to it and a two pin connector with a small latch.
The "Laser Engine Temperature Sensor" is actually inside the laser engine, to provide accurate temperature readings of the inside, and is screwed to the base of the laser engine.
If this sensor is not providing accurate information it could be a bad sensor, connection, circuit board or power supply.
You will also get this message if the heater located underneath and mentioned above is not working because of a damaged, heater, connector, power supply or circuit board.
If there is a doubt as to the origins of any of these errors and your laser engine has been removed, we will test and diagnose your laser engine free of charge.


Our Mailing Address is: The Laser Refinery - 417 Associated Rd. #188 - Brea, California 92821 - USA. Telephone:(714) 435-2737

Please Call or Email for packing instructions prior to sending.


We provide Noritsu laser repair and laser refurbishing, please visit our website for more details. www.TheLaserRefinery.com

Thank you.


The Laser Refinery Inc.,
Brea, California USA
Telephone: (714) 833-0696

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