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3101 Error: 6105-001 : B Laser Light Source Status Error.


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Greetings to all forum members.

Fault description :
- Power on
- Win2000 loaded
- QSS program versión G002 loaded
- To initialize the program ( takes a little longer than normal) ,
throws the error 6105-001 : B Laser light source status errors.
- We canceled the error
- Post: Laser temperatures are being adjusted. Remaining time approx: 5 min.
- We wait 5 minutes.
- Post: Laser temperatures are being adjusted. Remaining time approx: 30 min .
- We wait 30 minutes.
- Error/Attention 1049-002 : Execute Auto Tuning .
- We do not have the option of doing the Autotuning ( see picture attached ), even in "Service Mode"

In " System version check " we can see that Laser version is: 0106 Y2 A. That is, Laser is type A. Laser Driver card is J390656 -03

The first time we did the Daily Setup , got attached picture 01 .
Thereafter the Daily Setup gives Attached picture 02 .
We have no other error message.

Questions :
Why we don´t have the option of Autotuning ?
Surely the Blue laser gun is damaged but could also damaged the Blue Laser driver ?
Is there a procedure that can carry out a good technician to change the Blue Laser Gun in Box Laser ?

In advance, thanks for your help.




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Your laser module needs to be replaced with another one.

We can provide you with it.

You will have a detailed instruction how to do that with step-by-step procedures of adjustment.


Please write the message to info@minilablaser.com to discuss all details.

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