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Need Help For Install Fmpc On Frontier 5700, Please Help


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I install xp, make computer single cpu. install driver disk from fuji,ok

 i have taken new install from the cd D-20. Resullt is ok.

I try make reinstall so i can get my settings back to normal.

But this does not go well.

Looks like printer is geting infomation from the fmpc, but look like machine is freezing.

After 30 minutes message "transferring controll software info printer" is still standing on the screen.

Can someone give me a tip? 

I'll be gratefull, im out of good ideas



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Which FMPC software you use - MS-01 or S9 ? I had similar bug with older MS-01 versions ( 2.1, 2.5.5 ) . It was fixed since version 3.0. If you use MS-01 upgrade software. I tested many versions and think the best stability has MS-01 ver. 4.2 . Ask your engineer upgrade it. If you have new minilab ( 5700R ) you should have it too. 

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