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Kodak Led Ii Mechanical Settings.


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I have banding problem due to problem in mechanical settings. The bandings are intermitent, 2-4 prints a day. It started because of some problem in mechanical settings. Before there was about 1" shift along the length of the paper and I adjusted the Page Start value to correct the problem. The prolem was solved but this banding appear on the prints sometimes everyday.

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First step is to clean the rails that the printhead rides on (at the top of the drum)  Use a lint-free alcohol wipe.  Then with the printer powered down turn the lead screw with the green knob to move the print head over the entire distance front to back.  If you feel any rough spots, then check the screw for damaged threads.  Also check that the cable on the backside of the printhead isn't catching on something and keeping the assembly from moving freely.

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