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In Deep Dooo - Sp2500


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Hello fellow lab owners + I am new to his forum and have come for some help.

We have been a lab for 17yrs, and I have been in the photo-biz for 30.

We are a film only lab.


We acquired this SP2500 from a company in Canada [we/in Denver][upset just thinking about it].

The experience has been less than stellar - in fact darn-right heart breaking.


When we inquired about buying from them, we made our requirements known.

We needed an SP2500 or SP3000 to use as a standalone scanner - to CD. We will do no printing, only scans.


What we got was something incomplete, and very old [not the latest SP2500].

We managed to pull teeth and get some of the missing parts, but the machine as it sits will not do what we need it to do.


Missing are some things we might not know of, but the major things currently missing is ALL SOFTWARE, ALL TECH MANUALS. Now I know my way around most photo machines, but I havent been around minilabs since college.


This scanner has a very old Toshiba, running WIN-nt with the fuji driver OS - 6.6-OE.


I am not sure if we will be able to be refunded or be able to return this machine. Right now it is a big-dead weight in my shop. I am willing to pay for some tech assistance over the phone if need be. Otherwise this was a disaster sale for us, the seller not responsive.


Can anyone direct me to a place we can get full needed software?

Can this machine work as a stand alone as it currently sits?

Can this machine be upgraded - ie; computer, newer software, etc ?

I can not get into the FUJI system settings, they are passcode protected.

I would like to get this machine working. Do you think it is possible?

Should we cut our losses and trash it?


Best Regards, Dave Wood

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Hello. SP2500 was only old. It was used with Fuji 390 ( LP2500P ) . So in all of them will be old computer ( Toshiba 5600f ) , old software and Windows NT. Only SP3000 can be old ( was used with Fuji 355 and similar ) latter ( with Fuji 570 and similar ) and latest ( for Fuji 7500 and similar ) . 

It is not problem - you can get software, manuals separately. You can run this scanner with C4/C5 ( guess it is installed on your scanner ) . If you want can install and run scanning with MS-01. I have all necessary software and manuals.

Yes, this scanner can work stand alone. Guess it is installed already, so you can connect external computer where export scanned images. On external computer should be installed management software.

It is hard to upgrade this scanner with new computer, but it is possible. Should know how to do that. As I told software can be upgraded to MS-01.

Passwords are typical ( the same, which on all Fuji minilabs ) . Password depends on user type ( manager, administrator...) . 

I think you can run this scanner - computer is working and Fuji software works also. If I understand well you do not see errors on scanner startup. 


If you have not recovery CD, instillation discs, backups then run software, go to the settings ( SE2 with 7777 password ) , go to backup menu and make backup ( to floppy ) . Then copy floppy content to some more reliable place ( some hard disc, USB, CD... ) . Also make this old computer hard disc image file ( with Acronis, Norton, Paragon or some other external hard disc cloning software ) . Having them you protect your scanner - can easy recover if have some problems. 


Hope you get answers to all your questions.

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While I would never treat a client as this shop has treated us, I am honestly shocked at how they have treated us & this transaction.

The problem with suing them - While I would do this without hesitation, They are in Canada, We in the US. It is literally impossible to sue someone outside the country. It is likely better to pass our experience to others that might want to deal with them. Our community is now 'very-small' and it is becoming International where it wasn’t before. Our international client base  is rapidly matching our US base. If KIMTECH thinks no one will hear about these 'issues', they will be somewhat shocked.


Small labs, like us, cant afford these financial screw-ups. We have to decide what will be best for our shop at this point - try to fix what we have, keep trying to get KIMTECH to provide the service they are obligated to, or take the loss..


Thanks Eugene - I will go to your website and contact you directly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This will be our last post on this subject..


Seems no one 'has' or 'is willing' to sell us software's for this machine, that is now dead-weight in our shop..


I realize this is an EU forum, but no one in the states has this software.


We thought we had a purchase for this software from a member here [perhaps there is a language barrier],

but they have not followed through.


If anyone has these software's, please contact me wood@dr5chrome.com

This would be for a FUJI SP2500 -
Recovery CD
A1 software CD for SP-2500
C4/C5 software CD
All C4/C5 manuals.

thanks. dw

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It is not language barrier. You only now found out what you need exactly - had explain you the same things again and again. At the beginning you didn't know anything. I had to write you 10 messages and 4 emails until you understood. Now, when you told what you need all is uploaded and waiting for you.

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