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Changing Qss3101 Blue Laser Gun Type A.

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We need to change the blue laser gun. Can anyone make some recommendations to change QSS3101 blue laser gun?

Our technician has changed QSS35XX laser guns but has never done in the QSS3101.

In addition to the instructions in the "Service Manual" to remove and reinstall the laser box, is there any alignment procedure to change the blue laser gun inside the laser box ?

Our laser is type A.




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You should ask your laser module provider who sold it to you.

When we sell our laser modules we include to the kit an Installation manual with step-by-step adjusting and alignment procedures.

If you do not have such manual you better invitea person who can do that.



if you managed to install the laser module to qss35 you will have no problem with qss31.

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Other questions:
On the screen "Laser Operation Record" :

-Laser Generation Accumulated Time:
(Low) R, G, B = 0, 0, 0 Hours
(Mid)  R, G, B = 343, 0, 5188 Hours
(High) R, G, B = 0, 5196, 0 Hours

-Laser Generation Count:
R, G, B = 65358, 829, 851 Counts

-Polygon Mirror Total Operation Time = 5097 Hours
-Polygon Mirror Operation Count = 784 Counts

What do these numbers mean?

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yustas, thank you for your prompt response.

Unfortunately for you, we already buy blue laser gun and today our technician will install the new laser module.

Thanks a lot.


Unfortuantely for me????

I do not care where you buyyour laser modules.

if you so smart to mock at me - ask someone else please...

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The QSS-3101 laser does not have a synchronous sensor for the green and blue laser it only has a synchronous sensor for the red laser.


Are you sure this machine is a QSS-3101?


Can you make a screen shot of the page that is showing the B & G laser as asynchronous?


What is the actual problem you are getting on the prints?

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Thanks for your support.


I'll do a summary of what we have done:


1.-We install "Blue Laser gun" in QSS3101 A350**** Laser unit, whitout touch any optical parts.

2.-We changed original "Laser Driver PCB" with that brought new Laser gun.

3.-Because of some very strange errors, we check and clean the optical fibers, and using the Recovery CD, we Recovered win 2000 and then we inastalled an E version QSS software instead of the original G versión.

4.-Minilab is totally stable and we don´t have any errors.

5.-We uploaded a recent "All Data backup".




1.-"All Data Backup" uploaded was made with G version QSS software instead of an E version. Our Minilab is a refurbished machine and brought version E CD instead of the G version installed.

2.-When trying to make "Initial Setup", get a first patch cyan (picture 1) when placed it in colorimeter gives us a Setup error and Initial Setup is stopped.

3.-Making the Daily Setup, we get a blue patch (picture 2), minilab makes a big correction.

4.-By repeating the Daily setup a grayscale patch (picture 3) is obtained and we can print photos.




Why can not we make a Initial Setup? and
How could we do?



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The problem is there is not enough light getting to the paper from the blue laser. The last steps on the fist print should always be black.


This is either due to bad alignment of the laser head/ optics, or due to the laser itself being too weak.

A faulty blue AOM driver can also be the cause as well.

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Yes I agree here...

1. try to swap AOM drivers or use the brand new one and see the result.

2. Check alignment carefully..


About weak laser:


Also note that some laser refurbishing companies adjust laser head to work on low level  of emission to increase the laser life..

they just use wrong components and do not know how to repair it with good quality.

But in this case AOM driver will work on its maximum level to have emission stable and will burn soon. 

That is why some lab owners who saved a lot of laser repair - change AOM drivers very often and lose much more as a result at the end.

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Thanks guys. I understand perfectly what you say.
The blue laser that we buy is new.

Today, following the services manual instructions, we tried to do the "Adjustment after reattaching" steps.


When we got to the step "Exposure Position Correction" ( #3211 in service manual),  we only see cyan lines on the test print. We can not see neither magenta lines nor yellow lines ( see attached image) , so:


-Can we assume that both blue and green laser have bad alignment ? or

-Are both AOM Driver worn ? We swap AOM Drivers but initial setup test print is always the same.

-There is a procedure to align the lasers ?

-The reason we only see initial setup cyan steps is because the paper is sensitized only by the red laser, right?



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It is not the software alignment I was talking about.

It’s the physical optical alignment that needs to be checked from inside the laser unit.


With a new laser I would expect the daily setup print to be yellow from your old data not blue as it is in your case. If you have fitted a new AOM driver to the blue channel, the issue is more likely to be physical laser alignment problem or weak blue laser. I suspect the alignment is the problem, so very little of the laser beam is actually being exposed onto the paper.


You can make an initial setup test print with the blue and green BNC plugs disconnected, I'm sure the print will look different to how it does now proving the green and blue is being exposed. To get blue on the print you need a red and green exposure, the bottom part of the print is blue not cyan, indicating a lack of yellow which means not enough blue exposure.


For the alignment print you will need to increase the exposure output settings so you can see the yellow and magenta lines, this normally has to be done, this setting is only for the alignment test print, it does not affect any other prints.

Edited by Dave S
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Dave, thanks for your help.

We raise the "exposure output settings" and can see only magenta and cyan lines.

Physical optical alignment of blue laser is so bad that we could not see the yellow line, right ?

Laser module has two pins that fit neatly into laser unit base, so I think we can´t move it.

How to align laser optically ?
Are there any screws that allow us to do this alignment ?
Do we have to turn on the laser module with laser unit uncovered, making the adjustment visually?

In advance, thanks.

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Ok Dave, I understand.

I think you can help us with the lasers lighting.


We place two magnets on top cover interlock switches and, without removing paper advance units, tried to turn on lasers through "Output Check" menu without success.


Placing two magnets on top cover interlock switches and removing paper advance unit 1, 2 and 3, how can we turn on lasers ?

Edited by Immagini
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You are a bit strange...


Why not to apply to the company who sold you the laser head???

We cannot share here the knowledge which helps us to earn us money...

I am sorry but any freebie has limits..



Immagini, I have shared all I'm willing to share on this subject.


We have diagnosed your issue for free, if you cannot sort out the problem yourself,  I suggest you send off your laser unit to an expert who can do the job for you. I hope you understand that it would be unfair for me to share specialist knowledge that potentially could impact people’s livelihood.

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Dear friends .

I may seem a little strange. But the truth is that my country is a little strange . We have , control currency exchange . So any product or service you have to pay in dollars or euros is a real headache .

For example , to send the laser unit to any country , I have to prove to the government that is a unit for repair and that I am not exporting to earn money. Because if I win dollars , I have to sell to the government. Here we be guilty until proven otherwise.

Explained this, you can understand why we prefer to buy a laser cannon instead of sending the laser unit out of the country .

Leaving politics aside , let me return to the wonderful world of minilabs .

I bought the blue laser through a trader in Miami , with whom I worked for many years but , unfortunately , do not give service. He assures me that the laser is new, was purchased directly from Noritsu and is the model for a laser unit A350 .

Today a friend sent us an alignment procedure and , when run , we get a circle of blue light, but the blue laser intensity is low compared with the green laser ( we slowly spin AOM and intensity did not improve ) .

I have my doubts about the laser that sold me . First because it is not Shimadzu and secondly because of its light intensity is low. I will send some photos to the trader to support my claim .

I understand the reasons why you can not help me, but still I leave these images :



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Dear Immagini,

Unfortunately, your trader gave you the wrong information. Noritsu never sold laser guns separately.

Your photos have low resolution therefore I can't claim surely, but I think that it is a blue gun to Shimazu of type A for 32-33 with the special driver.

Also I ask to pay attention that the power of the blue laser shall be less than green one about 10 times.

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kodak_service thanks for your support.

I think you are right, since the model of the gun is the HK-9155-01. This model originally is for QSS32 and 33 type A laser and seems to put special driver for QSS31. The trader tells me that this is not the first to sell and the other has had no problems.

I like to read your comments about the fact that circle of light produced by green laser is clean while blue is a "dirty"  circle with a center black dot.

Maybe the blue AOM is damaged?
I was very surprised that two parts are damaged simultaneously, the laser and the AOM.




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