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Circulation Pump


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Related to a Noritsu QSS 3202 ... I have the following problem: the unexposed area of the prints is not white - it is a kind of ivory. I have checked already all the rest: replenishment rate, temperature, if air is going into somewhere plus cleaned up tanks, circulation tubes, raks and mixed fresh chemicals by the book ... the only think that I don't know is how find out if the circulation pump is giving a proper agitation - basicaly is working but no ideea if its low or high. Thanks a lot for any help!

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Just to make it clear: I'm not talking about the replenishment pumps - those are working well (I have measured them already) ... my concern is the circulation pump - the one that it make's the agitation in the tank ... I've learned that some machines got a device called "fluxmeter" and the minimal range for the circulation in the CD tank should be 3l/min ... unfortunatelly our lab doesn't has such thing, so my question is: has someone found any other way to test this pumps? Tx.

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