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3202 Laser Behaviour


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We are encountering the following problem: the best white we can get (including the „supposed to be” unexposed areas) from our prints is a kind of ivory.

Obviously we were suspecting initialy that the trouble come's from the processor, however after we cleaned the tanks/raks/crossovers several times, mixed fresh tank solution by the book, checked replenishment, temperature, agitation and find everything ok (all this because we couldn't get some control strips – I understood that are discontinued), finally we got the tip to run a pice of unexposed paper straight through the processor only and this came out perfect white – so the ivory cast is not from the processor.

Next test we did was to cover the laser mask with a black cardboard (so the laser could not affect the print at all) and we've sent through a white print – the result: it came out perfect white – so the laser is giving this ivory cast (even on the paper loading strips – those definitely should not be exposed).

Further more, taking advantage of a second identical 3202 that we have (which work's perfectly), we took off all three AOM's and put them into the troublemaking machine – same problem / no improvement ... we swaped the blue and green laser drivers too (from the other machine) – still nothing ... we changed the calibration plate with a new one (updating plate data / recalibrating by the book) and did Paper Set-up for all the paper types that we have in use – white is still ivory.

I would like to mention also that the laser unit (A7001161) is a refurbished replacement and it seem's that the Fuji DPII paper is a bit more affected than the regular Crystal Archive Paper.

Who has any ideea of what else we should do please give us an advise! Thank you!

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