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Uniformity 2901(Uniformity Correction Error : 6088-0024)


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Hi I have this problem with a 2901 team, when I do the uniformity throws the error (Error Correction Uniformity: 6088-0024) and when I adjust gains casts service mode (Auto Gain MLVA execution error: 6029-0003)  I try to make the uniformity Setup mode service also throws UNIFORMITY PATTERN 1 (Uniformity Correction error: 6088-0024).


Thanks in advance






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Clean MVLA head and try to follow these steps:

1. Initialize the MLVA data.
2. Del unf_m_nai.dat (on C:\Noritsukoki\QSS-29\Data folder)
3. Perform Inner Calibration Correction Adjustment.
4. Carry out the Load Voltage Adjustment.
5. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 2.
6. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 3.
7. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 4.
8. Del UNF_FB.dat (on C:\Noritsukoki\QSS-29\Data folder)
9. Copy the UNF01.dat file and paste it on desktop. 
10.Rename "UNF01.dat" on the desktop to "UNF_FB.dat"
11.Move the renamed "UNF_FB.dat" file to Data folder mentioned in item 8.
12.Perform the Uniformity pattern 1: 
- Choose the paper magazine. 
- Choose "Pass": to Cancel and skip the test print.
- Start the Uniformity measurement with the calibrator.
- Press "YES" key
13. Confirm the print quality.
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