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Frontier 350/370 System Disk 7.7

Haris Opanovic

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Please download it here absolutely free of charge and enjoy.


Hello and thanks for this.


Is this CD image all I need to install my Frontier 350 or I need something else. in my instruction manual they say I need also some FMP Controller [D20] CD Ver.2.0-0E-101, FMP Controller Driver Disk, Custom Button Setting Tools CD, 1394 Driver Disk for FMPC. So can you please help me with this.


PS. I have installed my Frontier 350 on one PC, I want to try to install it on another. So can you please guide my a little bit how to do it. I don't want to call service every time something happen'. I want to learn it on my own. 


Thank you man again and please if you have time help me.

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No.. It is Okay... You do not bother me at all.... :-)

But in some cases I think you should  'bother' the people who sold to you that lab.

It is their responsibility to provide you with all manuals and system software and programs free of charge.


if you do not have it - it is a problem not yours but a seller.

If you had it bit lost it due to your neglect - you have to buy it.


That is fair I think.

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You need FMPC software only if your minilab is connected to FMPC ( third computer, which using firewire will be connected to printer and scanner ) . If you have only two computers ( scanner and DIC ) you have not FMPC. In this case scanner will be connected to minilab directly ( using firewire cable ) . For this configuration you need A1, C4/C5 and profiles ( on scanner computer ) and C4/C5 on DIC. Of course can be used many optional software on both computers ( B1, B7, B8, B9, B14, C2, C8, C10, C11, C14, D4, D14, D20, E1, E3) . You can get from your minilab supplier, or buy optional software. I have them. 

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Hi All


My 360/Toshiba has been acting wonky and I think the hard drive is dying on me. I would like to replace it and whatever discs necessary. I noticed that it is currently using 2 hard drives and they are both  partitioned/clipped to a smaller size.


1) is it necessary to have 2 hard drives?

2) is it necessary to have them partitioned/clipped to a smaller size? The replacement hard drive is 80GB.




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