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Sp2000, Upgrade Scanner Computer.

Pongsathorn Chalermchuang

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I own SP-2000 as a standalone scanner connect with DIC (IBM laptop) based on Win XP which may cause slow issue when scan multiple rolls. Software hung so many times.


I upgraded new DIC with fresh Win2K + C4/C5 but it didn't solve the slow issue.


DIC spec: Dell GX520, Pentium D 3.4Ghz, 512 MB, 80 GB, Win2K, C4/C5.


I got 4 questions.


1. Which PC do the convert file? Scanner computer or DIC

2. If I upgrade the scanner computer, is it going to convert faster?

3. Please could you advise me how to install A1, C4/C5 in the scanner computer? (Is there any different from installing C4/C5 in DIC?)

4. Does length of the Ethernet line effect the speed of connection? The scan table connected with really long Lan line.


Best Regards,


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Converting is done on the DIC, not the scanner.  C4/C5 should be installed on the scanner computer as well, but it does not install the same software as the DIC.  Put the C4/C5 disk into the scanner computer, shut down the scanner and then restart the system . The software installation will start automatically.  It is important that the C4/C5 version is the same on both scanner and DIC. Ethernet length will not be the problem.  The most important thing for conversion speed is having a very fast D: drive in the DIC.  The computers that Fuji sold as DIC's used high speed SCSI drives.  Modern SATA drives should be fast enough, but the faster the better.  Many years back when I used C4/C5 I did tests with upgrading ram, hard drive and processors and the faster D drive made the biggest change.

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