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Can Someone With A Ddp-421 Or 621 Using An Om2 Help Plz


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Hi I just rcvd a used DDP-421 with OM2 and individually everything works great.

I do have an issue connecting the OM2 to the ddp421. I keep getting a fault for the 2 not being connected.

I've pinged the NIC cards and I get connectivity, but when I try to load the printer driver it will see the QSS ethernet option

but not detect the printer from the OM2. 


I have full driver disks and the install routine works fine so I'm guessing the 421 isn't showing that it's a usable printer for some reason. I have the recovery disks but I'd like to use that as a last resort. 


What I'd like info on is the basic setup from an active machine to compare to mine.

I'd be happy to call you and just chat for a few minutes to look at some settings and setups on your machine if possible.


Any help would be great as the operator manuals are garbage when it comes to troubleshooting.

The fault I get just recommends a restart and then call Norit$u... I called and before they would even listen to anything I said 

it was "let me get you to our credit department for further help"....sigh... Oh well feel free to call me or Private message me 





running win2000 on both the OM2 and 421

green light lights on the 421

OM2 boots perfectly


fault code I get is 9250-0401 input system error on OM2


ping command works great no dropped packets


swapped ethernet cords nothing changed


Installed drivers for win2000 no change







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Sorry I was thinking of the DP-400 series the DP-410 is LAN. Since the OM-2 seems to be working you are going to want to check PC2 located inside the printer.  It is located behind the cover located directly under the ink tanks, unless it was configured as a stand alone printer.  If it was configured as such you should be missing PC2.  Basically PC2 is the controller or brain for the printer. 

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I guess that's my question really, I threw peripherals on the  PC2 inside the 410 and it boots fine into win 2000. The only program running automatically is PC2Main and WinVNC. My question is the settings on the PC2. I have verified that the TCP addresses are fine and both pc's see each other but I'm not sure how to configure the PC2 to be seen as a printer.


I opened PC2Main  and it gives me a blank notepad style screen. 

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