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Hello. Have it. Here it works on W10 x64 without dongle :


There also can see what is new since version 3. If you have dongle can use with it.

EZ controller not enough. Have upgrade system software and profiles. Have them all for W10 ( software for minilabs and scanners ) . Also have all optional EZ controller modules, which can work on W10. Write private message, if really need some of them.


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On 2/3/2017 at 1:35 AM, Minilab service said:

Yes, I have it. Latest version ( Version 6.60.031 ) . Without dongle perfectly works on Windows 10 64 . Also have all optional software modules. Write private message, if need to install it.


Please I need the latest ez controller without dongle for window 7,and how do I retire my 3702 to full capacity, it prints one instead of two prints at a time for 5".its speed has reduced drastically. Thaks

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What is your QSS3702 model? Some of them need capacity booster software and some  not. If you have QSS3702 then in your minilab should be with capacity booster type F ( J391452 ) . For this model need to install capacity booster type F software. If you have QSS3702 HD PRO then inside minilab should be capacity booster type J ( J391538 ) . You do not need software for it.

Look minilab specification. There should be selected correct model. When installing booster software have enter correct serial number ( otherwise it will be installed, but will not work ) . 

Booster should see in software version check menu. Do you have missing capacity booster error? If not - two possibilities : capacity booster installed correctly and it works, or on minilab specification you chose QSS3701 ( it doesn't need any boosters and prints slow ) 

Can't offer EZ controller free of charge. If really need write private message and we can make a deal. If I understand well you have not dongle, so can't upgrade to version latter than 5.01. I have the latest version and it works on any Windows ( W7 x64, W10 x64 ...) . Can work with dongle, or without it. As I told before you might be need upgrade minilab system software´. Have the latest version, which can work on W10. To use new papers have upgrade profiles. Have version with latest papers.

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At the beginning you told that have QSS3702. So really you have QSS3704. Try reinstall capacity booster type H software. Use the same serial number, which is on minilab specification menu. Otherwise you have error. Also try reconnect capacity booster H. Look which leds are light on this booster.

I have all - new EZ controller, new QSS3704 system software and latest profile data. They can be used on W10 x64, W7 x64 and all other. Also have all optional modules. Write private message, if need some of them. I explain how transfer all from old computer to new.

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Kokią Windows versiją jūs norite naudoti? Jei 32 bitų tada jums reikia versijos 5.7 arba aukštesnės. Jei 64 bitų - tada reikia 5.8 arba aukštesnės. Norint instaliuoti Windows 7 EZ controller neužtenka - dar reikalinga naujesnės versijos programa laboratorijai. Reikalinga versija 13 arba aukštesnė. Jei bus naudojami naujesni popieriai jums reikės atnaujinti ir popieriaus profilius. Galiu pasiūlyti naujausią EZ controller, programą laboratorijai, profilius ir visus papildomus modulius. Galima instaliuoti su bet kokiu Windows - net Windows 10 x64. Kreipkis, jei reikia.

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